Hotel “Studios Anny” is located on the northwestern part of the picturesque island of Thassos, at Scala Kallirachis and at a distance of just 70 meters away from the beach. Just 8 km. away from the ferryboat port of Primos and 20 km. from Limenas, the main port in Thassos, the hotel and arrange for the transportation of guests from the port to the complex and vice versa.

Thassos may be approached from the city of Kavala or from Keramoti, at a distance of just 10 min. away from the airport of Kavala, where there are scheduled departures to the island every 30 minutes. Kavala is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Northern Greece and connected by road to Thessaloniki, from where it can be reached in only one and a half hours via Egnatia Motorway. There are also frequent flights, connecting it to Greece’s capital, Athens (2 scheduled flights daily, the flight lasts for 50 minutes) and several European cities. Should you wish to come to Kavala by car from Western Europe, you must take the ferryboat from Italy and travel to either the port of Igoumenitsa or Patra..

Kallirachi is one of the most important hamlets on Thassos and it is divided into two settlements, the mountainous one and the coastal one (Scala Kallirachis, where ‘Scala’ stands for port). The houses observe the traditional architecture of Thassos, while also notable are the very narrow, serpentine slip-roads of the village (just wide enough for cars to squeeze by) which are ideal for walking. Scala Kallirachis is just 2.5 kilometers away from the mountainous settlement and one of the best organized villages on the island, offering several rooms-for-rent, taverns, restaurants and bars by the beach and a beach at the center of the settlement ideal for families with young children. Suitable for relaxed holidays, it is located near Limenaria and Potos, the cosmopolitan resorts of the island, which offer a great and varied choice of nightlife entertainment.


Keramoti – Limenas (Port):

Kavala – Prinos:

Nea Peramos – Prinos:

Kavala – Limenas (Port):

Limenas (Port, Thassos) – Scala Kallirahis:

Prinos – Scala Kallirahis

Thessaloniki – Kavala:

Athens – Kavala:

45 minutes (ferry)

1 hour and 15 minutes (ferry)

1 hour and 30 minutes (ferry)

45 minutes (flying dolphin)

30 km, 20 minutes

8 km, 5 minutes

150 km

680 km