Pool Bar Restaurant Bella Vista

The “Bella Vista” Pool Bar Restaurant is a stylish space for all times of the day. Divided into consecutive levels it develops amphitheatrically and enjoys a view of the Aegean Sea, which, combined with the warm hospitality extended by the hotel’s owners, offers the ideal conditions for pleasant and relaxed holidays.

Enjoy the coolness of the pool, relaxing in the comfort of the deckchairs around it, while you delight on fresh fruit juices, snacks, coffee or refreshments. The ambiance changes in the evening, when around the pool you will find groups of friends discussing the experiences of the day, or planning for the next day.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy a drink or a refreshing cocktail while listening to music, carefully selected to create a unique ambiance. At times relaxing, yet, at other times, uplifting to stir spirits up and offer a glimpse of Greek entertainment.

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