Thassos Tour Guide

Thassos is an island with rich vegetation, an ideal combination of mountain and sea. Its historical importance, the archaeological findings, the picturesque villages and clear sea attract many tourists from Greece and Europe. The excellent, first class tourist infrastructure and good connection to the mainland further contribute to this.

Thassos is also very interesting for nature lovers. The flora is rich and very diverse (firs, pines, plane trees, basswoods, cedars and cornel trees, etc) while there are also endemic species that are protected for their ecological significance. The island is dominated by the mountain whose highest peak is Psario, or Ypsarion at 1203 meters, while the rivers and forests reach down to the thin sand beaches, thus, rendering Thassos a rare and unique mixture of mountain and sea. Furthermore, a part of the island has been designated as a space of special significance for wild birds (IBA GR016) and it was amongst the first areas to be placed under observation status in Greece. Volunteers from Greek and international organizations (Hellenic Ornithological Society , Bird Life) implement programs for bird observation and actions for their protection.

Thassos has also a lot to offer for all those of you with cultural interest. It is uninterruptedly inhabited since the prehistoric era and there are several noteworthy archaeological monuments and findings, housed in the archaeological museum at Limenas. Moreover, the folklore museum in Kallirachi offers a view of local traditions, while the museum of sculptor Polygnotos Vagis promotes the work of a contemporary artist from Thassos who excelled in America.

Visitors to the island may follow two trails, both beginning in Limenas, the capital of Thassos, one going to the west and one to the east.