Makryammos is a splendid beach located to the east from Limenas (Port). A beautiful, picturesque and tranquil bay near the city, with crystal clear waters and surrounded by verdurous pines.

Panagia is a village built around early 18th century, which has the greatest number of churches and chapels on the island, the most important being the church of the Assumption of the Mother of God.

Potamia is another picturesque village, home to sculptor Polygnotos Vagis and the starting point for all those who want to climb Ypsarios, the mountain of Thassos, which offers a marvelous panoramic view of the whole island.

Another village by the name Panagia is located just 9km. outside the city of Thassos. This traditional village used to be the capital of the island until 1945. Just a few kilometers outside Panagia you will find Chrysi Ammoudia (Golden Beach), one of the most famous beaches on the island, offing an endless golden beach with thin sand that stretches for 3.5km.