STUDIOS ANNY Hotel is located in Scala Kallirachis on the northwestern part of the island. Kallirachi is one of the biggest hamlets in Thassos and it is divided into two settlements, the coastal and the mountainous ones. The houses of the village stand as examples of local, Thasian, architecture, while also notable are the serpentine roads which are ideal for strolling around and offer the best way to know Kallirachi. Only by walking can one experience and ambience and aura of the old houses in the hamlet. Whilst in Kallirachi the Folklore Museum of Thassos is certainly worth a visit, housed in a beautiful listed mansion erected in 1880 and home to many folklore treasures from around the island. Also in the village you will see the splendid chapels of Agia Marina, the Transfiguration of the Savior and the Holy Unmercenaries.

In Scala Kallirachis there is an organized marina catering for fishermen, as well as for those tourists visiting Thassos on their private yachts. During the last years a flying dolphin connection between the village and Kavala has been operating. At the exit of the village, toward Limenaria, there is the small settlement of “Klisma”, renowned for its magnificent beach and the excellent taverns, serving delicious tidbits and fresh fish.

Places worth visiting on the western side of the island: Kazaviti, the most picturesque mountainous village in Thassos with old stone houses and wild flora; Limenaria, the most beautiful of seaside villages on the island, build on the foothill of a small hill. Near Limenaria, which offers an excellent tourist infrastructure, one will find the renowned sandy beaches of Trypiti, Psili Ammos and Pevkari.

Seven kilometers south of Limenaria we find Potos offering a wide selection of hotels and rooms-to-rent. Here we find the road leading to Theologos the oldest and most traditional settlement on the island. Theologos is build on an isolated, verdurous location, with plenty of water and it was chosen in the past by the inhabitants of the island as it offered the best protection against pirate forays. It has retained it traditional ambience since many of the mansions in the village have survived in a pretty good shape.